Devilishly Delicious indeed

Recipes from Tasmania

By Sara Schwarz

July 22nd, 2009

Devilishly Delicious – recipes from Tasmania is the creation of Tasmania’s Soroptomist International regional group in response to the Tasmanian Devil’s plight against the devastating devil facial tumour disease, which threatens to destroy this iconic Australian marsupial within the next few years, unless a cure can be found.

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The facial tumour disease threatens to decimate the Tasmanian Devil population in a very short time if a cure cannot be found. To assist in the race to find a cure, the Tasmanian clubs of Soroptomist International adopted the Tasmanian Devil as their regional project. The idea of creating this wonderful little fiery-red recipe book featuring 'devilled' recipes was born - a book that celebrates the fantastic produce of the island state, with all proceeds going directly to the Save the Devil fund.

Utilising their local contacts and wide reaching influence, Tasmania’s Soroptomists soon had recipes for the book flooding in from across the state. Award winning chefs, regional mayors, the finest of home cooks, fisher folk and many more have all donated recipes to the cause. Even the chef from Antarctica’s Casey Station has added in a recipe – no, not devilled penguin.

For those that like their food hot, spicy and delicious, there is more than the average devilled recipes contained within, however this is by no means the entire focus of the book. Rather it is about sharing of a collection of recipes which celebrate the wonderful produce available across Tasmania. In addition it offers visitors to Tasmania - and expats - the opportunity to take home something special that will inspire the tastebuds and spread the word about the predicament of the Tassie Devils.

This book also challenges locals and visitors to discover a few new regional gems for themselves, such as flathead from Great Oyster Bay where ‘if you can’t catch a flathead, it’s because you haven’t got your line in the water’. Berries, orchard fruits, mushrooms, scallops and a range of seafood feature prominently in this book, alongside devilled eggs, devilled meatloaf, devilled walnuts and dev’lish mushroom soup.

At the moment, friends and I are in the midst of planning a Devilishly Delicious dinner where the menu will be taken from this book, matched with a selection of Tasmanian wines and beers of course. All donations raised on the evening will go directly to the Save the Devil fund . . . . devilled eggs for starters perhaps?

Devilishly Delicious - Recipes from Tasmania is published by Soroptomoist International. To order, please contact Magaret Morgan at or by phoning 03 6257 0049. Price is $18 including $3 postage and packaging.

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