Iconic fine wine brands increase investment in Tasmania

Family behind Jansz and Dalrymple purchases Coal River Valley vineyard

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Natalie Fryer, winemaker at Jansz Tasmania

Natalie Fryer, winemaker at Jansz Tasmania

Premium sparkling wine from Jansz Tasmania


The family behind fine wine brands Jansz Tasmania and Dalrymple Vineyard has consolidated its investment in Tasmania, today announcing the purchase of around 300 hectares of land in the Coal River Valley near Hobart.

Comprising two titles, the site includes the original Frogmore Creek Vineyard on Brinktop Road, Penna, as well as adjacent land on the east face of Mount Lord.

Established by Tony and Joyce Scherer, Frogmore Creek Vineyard consists of 40 hectares of mature, high quality vineyard, mainly planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

It will be renamed Jansz Parish Vineyard, with the fruit finding an immediate home in Jansz Tasmania’s premium sparkling wines crafted by winemaker Natalie Fryar.

Selected sites on the second title, which has significant conservation value, will be planted to Pinot Noir specifically for Dalrymple Vineyard, which is mainly focused on great quality Pinot.

The new 10ha vineyard will be known as Dalrymple Mount Lord Vineyard and managed by vigneron Peter Caldwell.

“For  many months our Tasmanian team has been quietly scoping the southern regions of the isle, on the lookout for high-class vineyard sites to augment the wines being produced from our existing Jansz Tasmania and Dalrymple vineyards at Pipers River,” said proprietor Robert Hill-Smith.

“We have always had a plan to grow the profile of Jansz in selected cities across the world and this site will give us a much needed quality fruit source.

“We are thrilled to have purchased the vineyard from Tony and Joyce Scherer, who established Frogmore Creek in 1996 and have been managing it, and the surrounding landscape, sustainably ever since.”

Approximately one-quarter of the land has been maintained under a voluntary conservation covenant, ensuring the long term protection of several rare and endangered plant species, including the purple coral pea (Hardenbergia violacea).

“Tony and Joyce’s sustainability practices mirror our own values, as set out in our sustainable winemaking and growing programmes,” Mr Hill-Smith said.

“We are dedicated to continuing the conservation work established so well by Tony and Joyce, who will be our neighbours. And we look forward to continuing our friendship with them and seeking their advice.”

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December 04th, 2012
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